Welcome to Wolfforth UMC! Visiting a church for the first time can be a little intimidating. It can even be a little scary. People tend to have lots of questions. "What should I wear?" "What do I say?" "Will they make me do something weird?" "Will there be coffee-will it be good?" and the scariest of them all, "Will they make me stand up and say something?"

Here's the deal: you can completely relax at Wolfforth UMC. We don't pressure. We don't judge. We don't make people do impromptu public speaking. Come as you are! We want you to be encouraged, inspired, and happy that you've been to church. Oh, and there's always good coffee in the foyer.

And about the dress code, yeah, we don't have one. We really don't care what you wear. You will see some people in jeans; some in shorts, most will be casual and comfortable. On occasion, you might even see someone in a suit and tie. Whatever works for you!

Our Sunday Morning Worship Services:

8:30am Traditional  

10:30am Contemporary

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